Football superstar Cristiano Ronaldo: How he makes his youngest fans happy

Football superstar Cristiano Ronaldo: How he makes his youngest fans happy

A little streaker got his selfie and a mascot got a fan moment – Cristiano Ronaldo has a big heart for his young fans.

Cristiano Ronaldo (39), one of the most famous and successful football players in the world, is not only known for his sporting achievements (including multiple World Footballer of the Year and European Champion 2016), but also for his friendly gestures towards fans. In particular, the interactions of the Portuguese star striker with his young fans continue to touch hearts around the world – and at the same time demonstrate the human side of the highly disciplined superstar.

A speedster selfie goes around the world

Most recently, in the second half of the European Championship group match between Portugal and Turkey on Saturday evening (June 22) in Dortmund, a boy ran onto the pitch to get a photo with his idol. He got his selfie with a friendly, smiling Ronaldo – and the picture went around the world. According to reports, the boy has since been banned by UEFA from all further Euro 2024 games for this action.

Touch Ronaldo once

Before the European Championship match just mentioned, Ronaldo also made a little girl incredibly happy. She was the mascot of the team-mate standing next to him. And when everyone was saying the national anthem, she dared to touch him. Ronaldo barely changed his expression during this, but after the anthem he hugged the overjoyed girl.

Girl in wheelchair

Ronaldo’s interaction with another child mascot a few days earlier also caused a stir. At a friendly match shortly before the start of the European Championships, the Portuguese player walked onto the pitch with a girl in a wheelchair. The touching way the sports professional looked after the little girl was one of the things that was said. “This Ronaldo moment is more beautiful than any of his goals,” he said.

Jersey for crying fan

There have been countless such touching superstar-fan moments throughout Cristiano Ronaldo’s long career. Following a 2021 match between Portugal and Ireland, for example, a girl broke through security and made her way onto the pitch to hug the then 36-year-old, crying. Although security initially tried to stop her, Ronaldo hugged the child and gave him his jersey.

Operation for boy with cancer paid for

At the beginning of the same year, a campaign away from the football pitch became known. Cristiano Ronaldo and his girlfriend, the Argentinian-Spanish model Georgina Rodríguez (30), helped to pay for cancer treatment for the then seven-year-old Portuguese boy Tomas. , a touching message shared by Rodriguez’s sister Ivana on social media confirmed the star couple’s contribution to the costs.

Boy with cancer allowed to go to Juve training ground

In spring 2019, Ronaldo had already made a young fan suffering from cancer happy by flying little Joseph from Bristol, England, and his family to Turin, Italy. On site, the boy was given a personal tour of the football club’s training ground by the superstar.

Operation for seriously ill baby paid for

In 2014, Cristiano Ronaldo was asked by the initiators of a relief campaign whether he would donate a jersey or a pair of football boots for an auction. The money was intended for the operation of the seriously ill baby Erik, who was ten months old at the time. The fate of the little Spaniard touched the football star so much that he covered the entire cost of around 70,000 euros.

Today, Wednesday (June 26), Cristiano Ronaldo and his team will be playing in a European Championship football stadium again. Starting at 9 p.m., they will play against Georgia in the last preliminary round match of Group F in Gelsenkirchen. Ronaldo is himself the father of five children aged between 14 and two, whom he is raising together with his partner.

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