Study proves: Walking helps against back pain

Study proves: Walking helps against back pain
Study proves: Walking helps against back pain

Walking protects your back.

The back pain has only just gotten better, and now it’s back pain again: Such relapses become much less frequent when people walk enough. This is what an Australian study suggests.

For the analysis, the team led by Natasha Pocovi from Macquarie University in Sydney monitored 701 non-athletic adults who had recently suffered from non-specific lower back pain but were now feeling better. Half of them were prescribed a walking program, while the control group was not given any tasks.

At least 30 minutes

The guideline for the exercise program was to walk for at least 30 minutes on five days a week. Physiotherapists supervised the participants and tailored the walking program to each individual.

Those who followed such a plan had such bad back pain again after an average of 208 days that they had to restrict their daily activities. Those in the control group experienced this after just 112 days. The participants who followed the running program therefore lived on average almost twice as long without such pain, explains co-author Mark Hancock. They also had less pain overall.

Reason for effect still unclear

“We don’t know exactly why walking is so good for preventing back pain,” says Hancock, “but it’s probably a combination of the gentle rocking motion, the loading and strengthening of spinal structures and muscles, the relaxation and stress relief, and the release of feel-good endorphins.”

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