The dream towns that are very close to CABA and are ideal for a weekend getaway

The dream towns that are very close to CABA and are ideal for a weekend getaway
The dream towns that are very close to CABA and are ideal for a weekend getaway

Both options represent an ideal plan to enjoy tourism and nature within the Province of Buenos Aires.

He Argentine tourism offers an infinite number of destinations to explore or vacation throughout the entire national territory. But no need to take long trips to get to know wonderful locations, which are close to the homes of each citizen. Walking around allows you to learn more about the area and the history that shaped you as an individual.

In this case, two towns from the Buenos Aires province which are located a few kilometers from the federal capital. Both are presented as an ideal plan for a weekend getaway or any work break. These destinations stand out for their serenity and peacetwo conditions highly sought after by Buenos Aires residents who try to disconnect from the stress of big cities.

The two towns near CABA for a weekend getaway


Gorostiaga tourism.jpg

Small towns in Buenos Aires

This town has only 300 inhabitants and is about 45 blocks long. Its extension gives the town a magnificent tranquility that allows you to enjoy the day to explore its streets and fields on foot, by bicycle or in a vehicleThis walk can go by quickly but keen tourists will be able to capture beautiful country photos.

Gorostiaga takes its name from the original landowners, who acquired these lands in 1840 but the town only began to form in 1866, through the expansion of the Western Railway. Its official foundation came in 1910, with the division of the lands. Today, Its main points of regency are: its chapel, the social and sports club and the old train station.

To get to Gorostiaga from the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires, you must take the Western Access Highway. Subsequently, you must access National Route 7 and connect with National Route 5, in the direction of Chivilcoy. The entrance to Gorostiaga is at kilometer 145 of this last route.


Watchtower province of Buenos Aires.jpg

Javier Pintos, From Town to Town

This town is located 107 kilometers from the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires. It is a town of almost a thousand people that is recognized for its tranquility, its centuries-old buildings and for carrying out the best carnival parades of the area. But Atalaya is an ideal destination to visit all year round due to the nature that surrounds it.

The town takes its name from the homonymous stream that flows into the Rio de la Plata, in this same area. This union creates a wonderful natural setting that attracts hundreds of tourists who love fishing but also to those who want to enjoy the day at their campsites.

To go from Atalaya, tourists from CABA will have to take the Buenos Aires – La Plata Highway until its end. From here, you will enter Avenida 122 to surround the City of La Plata and then connect with Provincial Route 11. From this last road you can enter Magdalena directly.

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