The CNV promotes FCIs for the private development of public works

The CNV promotes FCIs for the private development of public works
The CNV promotes FCIs for the private development of public works

The CNV expanded the Collective Investment Products regime to create new financing options that promote infrastructure works.

Mariano Fuchila

The National Securities Commission (CNV) Through General Resolution 1006/2024 published this Thursday in the Official Gazette, it extends the special regime that regulates the constitution and authorization of Collective Investment Products for the development of public works.

The CNV understands that by expanding the scope of said regime, it can create new financing options and, consequently, facilitates the promotion of works that entail improvements to the general population through capital market.

CNV: what is the objective of the standard

The objective of this standard is to expand the universe of collective investment products, incorporating structures that refer to private infrastructure projects, as long as they are intended for the provision of public access services or satisfy objectives of public interest, such as telecommunications, data networks, transportation, logistics, ports, airports, health and educational systems, among others, including their improvements, expansion and maintenance.

It is also understood that collective investment products they turn out the natural channel for attracting savings and investment, fundamental for the development of economies, providing liquidity and financing to investment projects in the country through the capital market.

CNV: mixed financing is authorized

Through collective investment vehicles, The aim is to complement public and private resources, in what is called a mixed financing solution, allowing domestic investors to be positioned in a quality financial instrument. and, at the same time, mobilize capital market resources towards priority purposes for economic development such as public and private infrastructure, with a strong federal focus.

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