Carlo von Tiedemann: Presenter returns after illness

Carlo von Tiedemann: Presenter returns after illness
Carlo von Tiedemann: Presenter returns after illness

NDR presenter Carlo von Tiedemann is back after a months-long break due to illness and will soon be back on air.

Five months after his absence due to illness, veteran presenter Carlo von Tiedemann (80) is finally back at the microphone. The NDR legend will be heard for the first time on Saturday, June 29, on the radio station NDR Schlager from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. in his show “Carlo knows them all”.

At the beginning of the year, the presenter had to go to hospital due to a bacterial infection of the coronary arteries. In hospital, he also broke a vertebra and caught pneumonia, explained the 80-year-old. According to his own statement in the “Bild” newspaper, von Tiedemann “just managed to escape death”.

Hospital stay and nursing home

After eight weeks in hospital, von Tiedemann was transferred to a rehabilitation facility for four weeks before the presenter was placed in inpatient short-term care. The 80-year-old is now back home: “I’m happy, I’m healthy, things are looking up.”

Von Tiedemann already seems to be looking forward to his return to radio. “The happiest pop grandpa ever,” as the 80-year-old describes himself in a broadcaster statement, and is currently concentrating his energies on presenting at NDR Schlager. “I have an indescribable passion for radio. If you’ve been doing it for 53 years, you can’t do anything else. I haven’t learned anything else,” says von Tiedemann with his well-known wit and charm.

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