Cinema release: Fatih Akin feels a bit old

Cinema release: Fatih Akin feels a bit old
Cinema release: Fatih Akin feels a bit old

Akin’s music documentary “Crossing The Bridge” is coming to cinemas in a restored version. The work has aged with him, he says. “Just like you get the first wrinkles and grey hairs – or your knee breaks.”

The director Fatih Akin (50, “In the Fade”) feels a little old now. “I’ve actually been making films for so long now that the first ones are being restored,” Akin told the German Press Agency. And added jokingly: “You think, oh man, the work has aged with you. Just like you get the first wrinkles and gray hairs – or your knee breaks.”

However, the cult music documentary “Crossing The Bridge – The Sound Of Istanbul” from 2005 by the Hamburg native with Turkish roots shines fresh and clear thanks to the new high image resolution. From Friday (July 5th) the work can be seen in the latest 4K resolution in selected cinemas and on the arthouse streaming service Mubi.

In the documentary, bassist Alexander Hacke from the band Einstürzende Neubauten acts as a tour guide through the diverse pop, rock, hip-hop and folklore scenes of the city on the Bosporus.

“It is already the second technical reissue – previously Warner had released ‘Short and Painless’ from 1998 again in 4K on DVD,” the author, producer and director explained to dpa.

The new version of “Crossing The Bridge”, which received international awards at the time and was shown out of competition in Cannes, came about because Akin and his company Corazon spent nine years trying to obtain the rights that had expired in 2015. They also sought funds for a restoration from the German Federal Film Board (Berlin).

Akin has just filmed the political Heimatfilm “Amrum” on the North Sea and in Hamburg, based on the autobiographically inspired novel of the same name by his mentor Hark Bohm. The celebrity crew includes Akin’s “In the Fade” star Diane Kruger, Lisa Hagmeister, Laura Tonke, Detlev Buck, Matthias Schweighöfer and newcomer Jasper Billerbeck.

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