The historic town of Mendoza is a living museum that enchants all tourists

The historic town of Mendoza is a living museum that enchants all tourists
The historic town of Mendoza is a living museum that enchants all tourists

Tourism in the province goes beyond its vineyards and highlights historic outings such as Villa 25 de Mayo.

He tourism of Mendoza It is known for its wine-making tours where visitors can enjoy tours of the vineyards and majestic views of the mountains. But this province also has other proposals, such as Villa 25 de Mayo. This town is recognized as a museum town for its role in the Desert Campaign.

This military feat was carried out between 1878 and 1885 with the aim of expanding the control of the state territory over the lands of the native peoples. The advance facilitated the incorporation of large territories of the Pampas region and Patagonia into the national economy. The campaign was key to Argentine expansion but had a high human cost, displacing the communities that inhabited these places.

Holidays create unforgettable memories in the minds of tourists. These moments are special for resting, but they also allow us to explore our country to discover new destinations and other parts of our history. Being able to visit these historic places means better understanding the history that shapes us as Argentines.

What to do in Villa 25 de Mayo, Mendoza

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San Rafael Tourism

The main attractions of the historic town are its tours through buildings that seem paused in time. They are still made of the original adobe of their construction. These walks are full of history and tourists will learn about the peculiarity that the town was originally populated by military personnel, ex-combatants and an ecclesiastical figure. This group was responsible for the founding of Villa 25 de Mayo with respect to the Desert Campaign.

How to get to Villa 25 de Mayo, Mendoza

The town is located 25 kilometers from the city of San Rafael. If you start from Mendoza capital, residents will have to undertake a 2 and a half hour trip. It begins by taking National Route 40 and heading towards National Route 143. Afterwards, you must join Provincial Route 150 until you reach Villa 25 de Mayo.

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