Yamandú Orsi and Álvaro Delgado outline the strategies for the new campaign

Yamandú Orsi and Álvaro Delgado outline the strategies for the new campaign
Yamandú Orsi and Álvaro Delgado outline the strategies for the new campaign

Yamandú Orsi and Alvaro Delgado They always had it clear, the race for the Presidency began immediately after their triumphs in the primaries of the Broad Front (FA) and of the National Party (PN).

After a Monday dedicated to analyzing the first effects of the formulas, the level of voter support -remember that participation was the lowest in the history of primary elections with 36%-, both candidates activate this Tuesday the first tasks to line up behind their candidacies the different sectors of their forces.

Orsi will meet with Carolina Cossehis vice presidential candidate and leader of the left wing of the Frente Amplio. Although unity within that force is not in question for October, what is ahead is reconciling positions and programmatic ideas between the two leaders.

Both teams recalled that there is a general party program, presented by the FA at the beginning of the primary campaign, as an argument that the disputes will be resolved by this superior plan.

Orsi used it as his own during the campaign for the internal elections, while Cosse went further and elaborated the Country Plan with more than 100 proposals for action.

Starting today, the teams of both parties will sit down to refine these ideas in order to launch a robust programmatic proposal. The task is not that simple. The friction over the name of the eventual Minister of Economy that occurred 15 days ago is an example of this.

Political negotiations also begin. The tone and campaign mode that the formula will lead for the next three months must be resolved. From the Orsi sector they assured that the active participation of the mayor on leave of absence Montevideo is key to maintaining the flow of support.

Delgado and the challenge of protecting the National Party

The appointment of Valeria Ripoll As a running mate, she was not well received in some sectors of the National Party. Beyond the rejection of some militants who booed the announcement in the first minutes of Monday, there is discomfort among the most conservative representatives of the whites.

However, and as I had anticipated, Ambit, Alvaro Delgado He hid behind the large majority he obtained in the internal elections to impose his vision of “a new paradigm” for the National Party. In case the idea does not catch on with the white sentiment, the candidate assured himself of the safeguard of having the president Luis Lacalle Pou on the Senate list. What is lost on one side is gained on the other would seem to be the equation.

Agustín Iturralde, former man of the CEDis in charge since Wednesday of making the government program already presented compatible with the lines of action proposed during the campaign for the internal elections by the other pre-candidates, Laura Raffo, Jorge Gandini, Carlos Iafoglia and Roxana Corbran.

The entire party will participate in the meeting, they confirmed to Ambit from Delgado’s team. The objective is to protect the different sectors, so that everyone feels heard so that the message of unity is translated into action under the premise that it is a key tool to defeat the Frente Amplio in October.

Source: Ambito

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