Ian McKellen: Tour cancelled after falling off stage

Ian McKellen: Tour cancelled after falling off stage
Ian McKellen: Tour cancelled after falling off stage

Ian McKellen has to cancel his theater tour after his fall. He needs the time to rest, he said in a statement.

Ian McKellen (85) is not allowed to go on tour. After his fall from the stage on June 17, the tour through England with the play “Player Kings” comes too soon. The official channel of the Shakespeare adaptation announced this

According to the report, Ian McKellen’s “doctors have advised him to take time off work to fully recover.” The actor will therefore miss the tour, which will run from July 3 to 27.

“Ian continues to recover very well, but he needs time to rest and ensure a full recovery,” the production wrote. “We continue to send him our best wishes.” McKellen’s understudy David Semark will take on the lead role of Sir John Falstaff on the tour. Semark had already represented the Gandalf actor from the “Lord of the Rings” films on the London stage after his fall.

Ian McKellen: “Reluctantly accepted medical advice”

Ian McKellen himself also has his say in the statement. “Two weeks after my accident on stage, my injuries are getting better day by day,” the actor says.

“It was only with great reluctance that I accepted the doctor’s advice to protect my full recovery and not work in the meantime,” McKellen is quoted as saying. He was looking forward to the tour, but he assures viewers that his character is in the best hands with David Semark.

Ian McKellen fell from the stage during a fight scene almost two weeks ago. The stage veteran was taken to hospital. The very next day, Ian McKellen wrote that the medical staff at the clinic had assured him that his recovery “will be complete and speedy, and I look forward to returning to work.” As it turns out, that was probably too optimistic.

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