Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power: Battles will be “larger in scale” in season 2

Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power: Battles will be “larger in scale” in season 2
Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power: Battles will be “larger in scale” in season 2

If something characterizes the audiovisual adaptations of The Lord of the rings is to deliver a memorable battle sequence.

The Fellowship of the Ring had the attack of the Uruk-hai on Parth Galen; The two Towers had the Battle of Helm’s Deep (as if we could forget); The return of the King had the Battle of the Pelennor Fields.

That tradition continued in the series The Rings of Powerwith Season 1 offering a fast-paced showdown between the Orcs and the Númenórean expeditionary force, an encounter that co-showrunner Patrick McKay He said it was “very consciously designed as a small-scale, intimate battle. More like a skirmish.”

In season 2 of Rings of Power the action is about to get a lot bigger

“We love a good battle,” McKay said (in an interview with Empire), promising big things when the series returns, which will bring a significantly bigger showdown to our screens.

“The plan with Season 2 would be to do something much bigger, on a much larger scale that would unfold not just overnight, but over the course of several days, weeks, months and episodes,” he teases. Charlotte Brandströmwho replaced JA Bayonne As production manager for Season 2, she says this battle will be “ten times bigger” than the one we witnessed in Season 1. “It’s really the battle of darkness versus light,” she promises, “with some very dark and quite violent moments.”

It all stems from the growing threat facing the series: the rings of power that give the series its name are now making their way across Middle-earth, Sauron is on the rise in his new guise, Annatar, and our heroes must band together to thwart the growing forces of darkness. “Things have taken a very intense turn since Sauron returned and is moving the chess pieces around the board,” says executive producer Lindsey Weber“So we get to have a different kind of action and see Middle Earth in some scarier moments.” Who’s ready to dive into the heat of battle?

The second season of The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power arrives on Prime Video starting August 29.

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