Maren Eggert: She and Peter Jordan are “not married”

Maren Eggert: She and Peter Jordan are “not married”
Maren Eggert: She and Peter Jordan are “not married”

Peter Jordan has been Maren Eggert’s partner for years. But they never married, as the actress now clarifies.

Maren Eggert (50) and Peter Jordan (57) have been in a relationship for many years and have two children together. After almost ten years in Hamburg, they moved to Berlin some time ago. They met in the theater in the 1990s. However, the two acting stars are not married to this day, as Eggert now clarifies in an interview.

“That’s just wrong. We’re not married. But somehow it says so everywhere,”

Maren Eggert: “This is totally silly”

What Eggert also wants to clear up is the public portrayal of her person: “I’m always described as so controlled and cold-hearted in my roles. In my opinion, that’s totally silly.” She would rather describe herself as emotional and chaotic. “I’m also totally messy. You might not have expected that. With children you do need a certain amount of order, but I’m actually pretty chaotic.”

The “Tatort” actress also talks about her desire to move back to Hamburg, where she lived with Jordan for many years. “I’m really homesick for Hamburg,” she says. “I also like living in Berlin, we’ve been here for a long time, but I keep thinking about moving back to Hamburg.”

“No Word” in cinemas since July 4th

Maren Eggert has been back on the big screen since July 4th. In “Kein Wort” she plays the conductor and mother Nina Palčeck, whose son Lars (Jona Levin Nicolai) was injured in a mysterious accident at school. Eggert most recently appeared in the 2021 film “Ich bin dein Mensch”. Most people will also know the actress as police psychologist Frieda Jung from the Kiel “Tatort” films with Klaus Borowski (Axel Milberg, 67).

Source: Stern

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