After scandal: Influencer has to pay 1.2 million euros

After scandal: Influencer has to pay 1.2 million euros
After scandal: Influencer has to pay 1.2 million euros

The Italian influencer Chiara Ferragni

She reached an agreement with the Italian antitrust authority. According to the allegation, Ferragni deceived customers into believing that by buying the Easter eggs they would be contributing to a donation for charity projects. The influencer had made her fan base believe that the proceeds from the Easter egg she was promoting would largely go to a children’s cancer ward, which was not the case, according to the allegation of the antitrust authority. The antitrust authority has now reached an agreement with Ferragni that she will pay 1.2 million euros over three years to the charity “I Bambini delle Fate”, which looks after projects for children.

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In December, 36-year-old Ferragni was caught up in the so-called “Pandoro Gate,” the sale of overpriced Christmas biscuits with the false promise that a portion of the proceeds would go to a hospital in Turin. The state antitrust authority imposed a million-euro fine on the Lombard woman for this.

Meanwhile, Milan prosecutors are investigating three cases of suspected serious fraud against Ferragni, whose business has suffered heavy losses. A Milan shop where she sold her clothes has since had to close. There have been profound changes in the management of her companies. After the scandal, Italy tightened the rules for influencers.

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