Inside Out 2: Here’s why anxiety is the main character, according to a psychologist

Inside Out 2: Here’s why anxiety is the main character, according to a psychologist
Inside Out 2: Here’s why anxiety is the main character, according to a psychologist

An expert gave his take on this character from the clever sequel that is all the rage in theaters.

Last month it was released Inside Out 2and like most Disney films, it has a deep message behind its aesthetic beauty. This animated feature film is the continuation of the first one that came out in 2015, and told The story of Riley, a little girl, from inside her brain. There all his emotions were represented by friendly characters: Joy, Anger, Sadness, Anxiety and Disgust.

However, in this new installment new characters are introduced. Riley has grown up and is going through the beginning of her adolescence, so Anxiety, Envy, Shame and Ennui (boredom) take over inside the control center of the little girl’s mind.

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Ansiedad is, however, the protagonist of Inside Out 2. She is the captain of the new ship, out of control and without the initial emotions, which must regain control. But why can’t anyone stop Ansiedad? Psychologist Ramón Soler has an opinion on the matter.

Why anxiety is the protagonist in Inside Out 2

Soler explains that “Anxiety appears in our lives when it has to appear and it will always accompany us.“. She also explains that it should not be eliminated, but rather controlled so as not to experience episodes of anxiety all the time.

On the other hand, the expert claims that anxiety It is complex and is a branch of fearlike the one in the movie, which constantly projects hypothetical situations that could happen in the future and that torment Riley.


However, for the psychologist, Anxiety is not bad. Even in one part of the movie, she says, “I just want Riley to be happy.” So His role in the film becomes much more elaborate..

And despite creating chaos in Riley’s mind, Anxiety disfigures the rest of the emotionsFor example, in one scene, Joy starts crying and the other emotions, like Anger, have to comfort her.

Then this discussion comes to the table: All emotions are necessaryas well as memories, whether bad or good. Let us remember that at the beginning of the film, Joy decides to discard all the bad memories and throws them into a dark place inside Riley’s head. However, it is this repression of feelings that works as a trigger for the rest of the conflict. How does Riley identify?

The conclusion that the film leaves is that Humans are complexand that we are not limited to one emotion, but that our personality is a mixture of all of them.

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