Toni Kroos’ wife Jessica won’t let him “just go quietly”

Toni Kroos’ wife Jessica won’t let him “just go quietly”
Toni Kroos’ wife Jessica won’t let him “just go quietly”

After the DFB team’s elimination from the European Championships at home, Toni Kroos has also said goodbye. His wife Jessica has some touching words to say.

Toni Kroos, 34, is now an ex-footballer. After the star had already said goodbye to his club Real Madrid, the defeat of the German national football team against Spain at the European Championships at home marked his final end. He himself did not speak much about the end of his career directly after the game, but his wife, Jessica Kroos, published moving lines on Instagram.

“To be honest, right now the tournament exit is a bit of a concern,” when asked about the last game of his career and the possible realization of what was happening right now. That is the main focus right now because the whole team “simply had one big goal.” “This dream that we all had has now simply been shattered to some extent.”

Toni Kroos and his wife dedicated their lives to football

“After your departure in Madrid, I was emotionally unable to say anything about your departure. Today I am even less able to, but I will not let you go so quietly,” writes Kroos’ wife. The couple had long discussed when the right moment would be to “end our lives”. He found the right moment for him, just as he “actually almost always makes the right decisions in football”. She had never seen “such a wonderful and emotional farewell to a player as in Madrid”.

When he told her back then that he wanted to return to the national team, “I looked at you as if you had lost your mind. I couldn’t imagine how and why that would work. You were always the one to blame for every lost international match. In fact, it was always your fault. Why should it be any different now?” She didn’t want him to possibly leave the field as a loser in his last match and be seen as the one to blame again, but he didn’t care and believed in himself. Criticism always made Kroos stronger.

The DFB team may have lost, “BUT you fought until the end. You showed Germany that you are a team, that you fight for each other and you brought enthusiasm back to a country. And above all, you finally got the recognition in Germany that was long overdue. And I wish you that from the bottom of my heart.”

Jessica Kroos about her Toni: “You are our hero”

In another post, Jessica Kroos continues that the two have experienced almost everything in their 16 years together in football – from some lows to many highs. She is “so incredibly proud” of her husband, “that there are no words to describe it. You are our hero and I thank you for taking me on this journey and for allowing me to be your wife.”

“Unfortunately, you can’t see the pride in your children’s eyes in the stands when you’re on the pitch, but you can imagine that they’re almost bursting with pride, and I am too,” she writes. The family is looking forward to him being with them more now, but they will also miss him on the pitch. The couple have been married since 2015 and have three children together. Jessica Kroos concludes with the words: “You are our hero and we love you more than anything!!!!”

“You’ll get your own post, don’t worry Jessica”

The former football professional announced in the comments that he also wanted to thank his wife publicly: “You’ll get your own post, don’t worry Jessica! But in short: you mean everything to me. This career would simply not have been possible in this form without you and I am aware of that! Thank you for everything from the bottom of my heart. I am proud of you!”

Toni Kroos announced on May 21 that he was retiring from football. The 2014 world champion wrote on Instagram that he wanted to play for the DFB team one last time at the 2024 European Football Championship. “At the same time, this decision means that my career as an active footballer will end this summer after the European Championship,” he explained.

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