Katherine Heigl talks about 2008 Emmy scandal in podcast

Katherine Heigl talks about 2008 Emmy scandal in podcast
Katherine Heigl talks about 2008 Emmy scandal in podcast

For a long time, Katherine Heigl was considered one of the most difficult actresses in Hollywood. This was also due to the scandal in 2008 when she refused to take part in the Emmy race. What she thinks about it today.

Former TV stars Shannen Doherty and Katherine Heigl have one thing in common: Both had a reputation for behaving like divas for a long time and were considered difficult in the industry because they were always publicly critical. The actresses recently discussed exactly this in Doherty’s podcast “Let’s be clear” – and also talked about the Emmy scandal surrounding Heigl in 2008.

At the time, the American was at the height of her success with “Grey’s Anatomy”, made numerous movies alongside the hospital series and had even been awarded an Emmy the year before for her role as Izzie Stevens. But her name was missing from the nominations for 2008 – and that was no accident. “I don’t know anyone other than you who has turned down an Emmy nomination,” Doherty said, addressing the matter. However, Heigl made it clear that this was not true – you have to submit your name first to even be eligible for a nomination and she simply didn’t do that. “But I just shouldn’t have said anything about it. I should have said that I forgot, because the whole thing caused unnecessary waves,” she said self-critically in the podcast.

Katherine Heigl took on the “Grey’s Anatomy” team

At the time, the now 45-year-old released a statement that made headlines. “I didn’t think I was given material this season that would justify an Emmy nomination,” Heigl said at the time. She wanted to preserve the integrity of the Emmy organization and had therefore withdrawn her name from the running. The statements caused anger in the “Grey’s Anatomy” team around showrunner Shonda Rhimes, and Heigl was seen as ungrateful. There had already been tensions during salary negotiations. The dispute ultimately led to Heigl leaving the hit series abruptly and before the end of her contract during the 6th season.

“I tried to be a little sarcastic about my material from the season, but I just didn’t like it either. (…) I just wasn’t proud of my performance,” Heigl explained her motives from today’s perspective. She tried to behave honorably, to maintain integrity. Doherty and Heigl agree that there was also a touch of misogyny in the reception at the time. “If it had been a man, people would have said: Look how honorable he is!” said Doherty, who also said that she had often been fired when she stood up for herself. That is still difficult today, even if a lot has changed.

Katherine Heigl went on to say that the headlines at the time meant that she tried to be quiet and polite for a long time. It was only in her 40s that she dared to be more herself again. In January, she was back on the Emmy stage with her “Grey’s Anatomy” colleagues for the first time in 15 years. It was a special occasion: The show has been running since 2005, making it the longest-running hospital series in TV history.

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