Romantic and playful trend: the milkmaid dress is back

Romantic and playful trend: the milkmaid dress is back
Romantic and playful trend: the milkmaid dress is back

This summer, fashionistas are spending the hot days in femininely cut milkmaid dresses. That’s what makes a milkmaid sundress.

Romantic, playful, somewhere between “Bridgerton” and cottage core aesthetics: Fashion is celebrating country life in summer 2024 and is bringing back an almost forgotten silhouette with the milkmaid sundress. This ultra-feminine cut dress initially thrilled people, but suddenly it found itself on the major international catwalks in summer fashion for 2024. Among others, it was worn by Andreas Kronthaler (58) for Vivienne Westwood. He sent supermodel Irina Shayk (38) down the catwalk in a white milkmaid sundress wedding dress. Is this the perfect dress for every summer occasion?

This is what makes a milkmaid sundress

The so-called milkmaid dress is bursting with nostalgic details and is reminiscent of a romantic, idealized era. A milkmaid sundress often has puffed sleeves and ruffled details that are reminiscent of the traditional clothing of milkmaids. A famous oil painting by the artist Jan Vermeer from 1658 to 1660 shows a milkmaid pouring milk from a jug. The outfit depicted in it serves as a model for the summer dress that is so popular today.

A particularly characteristic feature of the milkmaid dress is a square or heart-shaped neckline, which puts the décolleté at the centre of the outfit in a very special way: shy and reserved, but at the same time obvious and deliberate. Another feature that creates an ultra-feminine look is the fitted cut of the milkmaid dress. The flared skirt also usually has flounces or ruffles. One of the reasons why a milkmaid dress is so suitable for summer temperatures is because it is made of airy materials such as cotton or linen. Milkmaid sundresses in 2024 are particularly popular in bright white, but floral patterns and pastel colours are also very popular.

How to style the trend best

Because of the many playful details, a milkmaid sundress usually doesn’t need too many additional accessories. If you want to take the trend to the extreme, the best way to combine the milkmaid dress is with loose braided hairstyles or open, wavy hair held together with a headscarf. Other accessories such as a basket handbag, a straw hat or ballerina shoes emphasize the aesthetics of the simple, rural and nature-loving lifestyle.

Those who are more experimental when it comes to fashion can create a deliberate break in style with the feminine, playful milkmaid sundress by using deliberately modern and contrasting accessories such as statement sunglasses or unusual statement jewelry. It gets particularly exciting when Y2K elements meet the romantic, nostalgic design.

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