Patrick Duffy: He fell in love with Linda Purl via Zoom

After the death of his wife, Patrick Duffy has been in love again since 2020. The 72-year-old met his girlfriend via Zoom.

“It’s a Covid romance,” Patrick Duffy (72) describes his relationship. In the British TV show “This Morning”, the “Dallas” star and Linda Purl (66), also an actress, rave about their love. According to this, he and Purl met in a group chat at the beginning of the pandemic and then spoke on the phone every evening “for two or three hours” via Zoom. “We didn’t sit in the same room for almost four months, but we talked to each other every day,” Duffy looks back on 2020.

23 hours drive for the first meeting

The two didn’t have those awkward moments after the third date where he had to wonder if he should kiss her. “See you tomorrow, love you,” Duffy said at the end of a Zoom call, the actress says. The following day they called again and he “got in the car and I drove 23 hours to her front door,” Duffy explains. After that, the two were “never separated again”.

“I don’t think it would have happened otherwise because in our normal lives before the pandemic, we wouldn’t have had three hours to call Zoom,” says Linda Purl, who has been married four times and has a 26-year-old son . Duffy was married to Carlyn Rosser (1939-2017) from 1974 until her death and they have two sons. After the death of his wife, he wasn’t looking for love, “but she found me,” Duffy said.

Source From: Stern

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