ADHD: Living with the Disorder as an Adult

Bettina Lüke writes about mental illnesses. And not theoretically, but very practically, from their own everyday lives. Since she was diagnosed with the attention disorder ADHD, a number of questions have been answered: Why is it difficult for her to plan long-term? And what’s behind their paperwork.

I took the photo the week before last, from the car: red traffic light, in front of me a wall that is annoying. me and my life ADHD is written on the wall:

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. “Behind this is one of the most common psychological problems in children and young people,” you can find out from the Federal Ministry of Health if you google the abbreviation.

I’m an adult though, and I’ve only “officially” had ADHD for a few years. Before I was scatterbrained, now I (and those around me) know: You don’t necessarily have to be noticed as a fidget at school in order to, yes, suffer from ADHD symptoms as an adult.

Source: Stern

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