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Tuesday, March 28, 2023

Friendship Break-Ups: Why breakups in friendships hurt so much

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The poet Rupi Kaur calls the feeling after a friendship break-up “underestimated heartache”. While lovesickness is the subject of films, novels and songs, the end of friendships is rarely talked about. Breaking up friendships can be associated with just as much pain.

Sometimes I still think of us. The night we sneaked our first bottle of Baileys from my dad’s liquor shelf in my dad’s basement—then topped it up with vodka and cookie crumbs so no one would suspect it. Of the many nights we slept in the garden under the stars during the summer holidays and giggled and filled our first Instagram accounts with photos. Of our first little trip to Munich, after which we started dreaming about the big city. But suddenly the allegations started: “You’ve gotten weird” – “You keep telling me” – at some point there was radio silence. And a feeling of emptiness that I haven’t been able to fill for a long time.

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