Türkiye: 20-year-old British woman dies after stomach reduction

Türkiye: 20-year-old British woman dies after stomach reduction

A young British woman has died after an operation in Turkey. The 20-year-old wanted to have her stomach reduced in Turkey. On the flight back to London she became so ill that the plane had to make an emergency landing in Serbia.

In retrospect, her last video on TikTok seems like an eerie prophecy: “My last post before weight loss surgery – see you on the other side!” wrote Morgan Ribeiro underneath. In a second video, the 20-year-old explained that she was ready and euphoric about the upcoming stomach surgery. Even if many would accuse her of making things easy for herself. “I don’t care. This is my last resort,” Morgan said. “I really tried everything to lose weight,” she explains with tears in her eyes. She has been through so many doctors, therapies and diets, but nothing has helped.

At the beginning of January, the young woman from south London boarded a plane to Turkey with her boyfriend, as the British “Independent” reported, among others. There she had an appointment for the operation on January 5th, for which she paid 2,500 pounds (the equivalent of almost 3,000 euros). She wanted to avoid the long waiting lists of the national health service.

Pilot has to make an emergency landing

According to her friend, the procedure took around two and a half hours. When she woke up, she complained of feeling unwell, but the doctors assured her that it would go away. She should drink a lot and exercise to regain her strength.

Three days after the procedure, she was given the green light to fly home. But during the flight she became increasingly worse. “The flight attendant gave her some ice and water and she was having a hard time breathing, so they moved her to the front of the plane where there was more room,” her friend said. “I could see something was wrong.”

Since her condition did not improve, the pilot decided to make an emergency landing in Belgrade. At the hospital, doctors discovered that her small intestine had been severed during gastric surgery, leading to infection and septic shock. According to the family, surgeons then removed four centimeters of her small intestine and were confident she would pull through.

Morgan’s mother: “I had heard horror stories about Turkey”

But on January 9th, the Englishwoman suffered a heart attack and was put into an induced coma. Four days later she was dead.

Her family has launched a fundraising appeal to cover the costs of repatriating her body and funeral costs. According to her mother, she was not privy to her daughter’s plans: “When I found out, it was already too late, she was already on the plane. I had a bad feeling because I had heard horror stories about Turkey.” Her story should be a warning to others: “I don’t want something like that to happen to a daughter again. I don’t want her life to be in vain.”

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