Russia vetoed a UN Security Council resolution

Russia vetoed a UN Security Council resolution

In the morning hours, the UN demanded “safe and free access” for humanitarian aid in Ukraine after Russian troops entered the capital, Kiev.


Upon learning of this outcome, the Ukrainian president, Volodímir Zelenski, stated on his social networks: “While Russia continues to attack Kiev, the draft resolution is co-sponsored by an unprecedented number of Member States. This proves: the world is with us, The truth is with us, victory will be ours!”

“Grateful to all the members of the UN Security Council, who voted to stop the treacherous attack on the letter . The veto of is a bloodstain on your plate in the Security Council, the map of Europe and . The Coalition against the war must act immediately!

The agency also requested that humanitarian workers be able to have “protection” when they bring aid to the population “in all regions of Ukraine affected by the conflict,” said the Assistant Secretary General for Humanitarian Affairs, Martin Griffiths.

“We expect another 1.8 million or even more” in the future, warned the official, who specified that not all these people necessarily need humanitarian aid.

Source: Ambito

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