Boxer Ax after a knockout from the ex-coach announced the end of the conflict

Boxer Ax after a knockout from the ex-coach announced the end of the conflict

Russian pop-MMA fighter Max (Topor) Shcherbakov lost a fist fight with former trainer Albert Karmazyan on Friday, February 25. After losing by technical knockout, he admitted that he got an uncomfortable opponent.

“Train more, get better, get stronger. I hope we gave the audience a good show. In principle, we do all this for the most part for you, so that you can enjoy real character, real fights. Of course, Albert is uncomfortable to work with, because he is taller, he is a basic boxer, he has long arms, it is difficult to approach him. He always kept his distance. Of course, for me he is a very uncomfortable opponent, but nevertheless I did everything I could, ”Ax admitted after the fight.

Shcherbakov noted that it was easier for the former coach to fight also because he could predict the actions of the Topor. At the same time, the fighter is satisfied with the fight. According to him, any confrontation between men is good for them: it strengthens, tempers, allows them to prove and defend their truth to each other.

“Thus, giving birth to new scars on the body and scarring emotional scars, building bridges of friendship and trust, proving in this way,” the athlete added.

Ax stressed that the fight with Karmazyan puts an end to their conflict.

“Of course it has been delivered, of course. It could not have been otherwise,” Shcherbakov said.

The fight between Max Shcherbakov and Albert Karmazyan, his former coach, took place on Friday, February 25, as part of the first tournament of the REN TV Fight Club Supersession. It was expected that the fight would be the final point in the conflict that broke out on January 28 after the “Boxing Evening” tournament.

Then Ax lost the fight to Maxim Novoselov, and in the locker room he quarreled with the assistant organizers and Karmazyan. The skirmish turned into a fight, as a result of which Shcherbakov received a concussion and a broken nose. After the fight, the boxer said that he did not want to have any more business with Karmazyan, as he attacked him in front of his wife and friends. Ax stressed that he started getting beat up after concussion in the ring when he wasn’t expecting.

Then information spread on the Web that Ax decided to write a statement to the police against his ex-coach. Later, the athlete challenged Karmazyan to a fight. The Ax proposed to fight on his fists, since in this case “it’s definitely impossible to hit on the sly.” Ex-coach Shcherbakov accepted the challenge on February 10. Later, he said that he would easily defeat his opponent.

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