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Iggy Pop doesn’t want to retire

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“Every Loser” is the name of the 19th album of the eternal bully, who likes to strip off his shirt to show that he’s still a rebel with a bare chest. You can tell the years on his body by the wrinkles, but whoever, like Iggy Pop, goes against the usual, the expected, remains true to his style in terms of visual expression. It’s called branding.

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“Frenzy”, the opener of his new album, polishes the Iggy Pop brand to a high gloss. A powerful rock song full of energy and a clear message to all those who think the old man should prefer the park bench to the rock stage. He tells all critics that he is “on fire” and by no means retired. He didn’t have to emphasize that, the power of the song literally blows you away.

What follows is a competent, very successful collection of songs that do justice to the name Iggy Pop and don’t have any big surprises in store. You can really let yourself fall into the wonderfully smooth “Strung Out Johnny”, “Modern Day Ripoff” sounds like a nod to the Stooges times, with which Iggy Pop also wrote rock history, and he gives on “Morning Show”. with a deep storytelling voice the experienced who has enough stories to tell from and about life. At the latest, the 75-year-old has his full attention. “Morning Show” is probably the best song of an album that never strays from the path of quality and credibility until the final “The Regency” – even if the eternal punk might not like to hear it that way.

Iggy Pop “Every Loser” (Atlantic)

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