The three powers of Brazil launched a message of unity against terrorism

The three powers of Brazil launched a message of unity against terrorism

In an unusual joint statement, published on Lula da Silva’s Twitter account, the heads of Congress and the Federal Supreme Court (STF), rejected the “terrorist, vandal, criminal and coup acts that took place in Brasilia.”

“We call on society to maintain serenity, in defense of peace and democracy in our homeland,” they said.

The representatives of the public powers of Brazil met yesterday morning at the Planalto Palace, where Lula delivered during the day despite the fact that the property was one of the vandalized, with broken windows and some destroyed offices. His office, opportunely closed, was not affected.

In addition to the headquarters of the Government, those of the Supreme Court and Congress, were taken on Sunday for almost four hours by thousands of followers of the ex-president of the extreme right Jair Bolsonaro, who demanded a military intervention to remove Lula da Silva from the position that the president assumed. Sunday January 1.

Meanwhile, Lula da Silva expanded the institutional response to the Bolsonaro coup with a call, yesterday, to the governors, which was not responded to by some Bolsonaro leaders, such as Santa Catarina.


In parallel, Congress has already collected 14 of the 27 signatures of senators necessary to open a Parliamentary Investigation Commission (CPI) that must investigate the responsibilities of the attempted coup, which includes the organizers and financiers.

The damage to the buildings, treasures of architecture, was considerable. Among the destroyed heritage are valuable works of art and the Presidential Gallery, which houses the official portraits of all the presidents of the country.

Likewise, the attackers stole the original of the original Constitution of 1988 and weapons stored in a security office of the Planalto Palace.

The incidents carried out by the Bolsonaristas, whom Lula da Silva called “fanatical fascists”, recalled the attacks on the Capitol in Washington two years ago, carried out by supporters of then US President Donald Trump, Bolsonaro’s main international ally.

Source: Ambito

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