Castillo asked for the resignation of the entire cabinet two months after taking office

The leftist president avoided giving details of the departure and announced that the new chief of staff and his members would meet at the end of this edition.

Bellido, a 41-year-old engineer with no political experience, and a member of the hard wing of the Marxist-Leninist Peru Libre party, had been appointed on July 29 to head the first cabinet of the Castillo government, from the same party.

In his resignation letter, released by the press, he indicated that he is leaving the Executive at the request of Castillo. “Having fulfilled all the functions corresponding to the institution, I am fulfilling my irrevocable resignation from the position of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers as you have requested,” said Bellido in the letter, who will return to Congress to perform functions as a member of parliament.


To general surprise, Castillo won the Peruvian presidency, defeating right-wing candidate Keiko Fujimori in a close ballot on June 6, following a campaign marked by polarization.

During his brief message, the president reiterated his invocation to economic, political and social sectors “to the broadest unity to achieve common objectives” such as economic reactivation.

“It is time to put Peru above all ideology and isolated party positions,” emphasized the president, who wore his typical large straw hat.


Bellido had been involved in verbal confrontations with the Congress, dominated by the right, for a week when it questioned the Minister of Labor for his alleged participation in terrorist attacks committed by the Maoist group of Shining Path four decades ago.

The legislators had planned to present this week a motion of censure against the head of Labor, Iber Maraví, whom Bellido and Castillo defend by denying his alleged involvement in subversive actions.

The president of Congress, the opposition member María del Carmen Alva, expressed her satisfaction with the resignation and the possibility of changes in the ministerial cabinet.

“After several days of unnecessary uncertainty and highly questioned ministers, we welcome President Castillo’s decision to change the ministerial cabinet. Congress has the best disposition for dialogue and governance, ”the legislator tweeted.

The controversial political past of Maraví, a 61-year-old teacher union union leader, is one of the factors

res of intestability in the relationship between the Executive and Legislature.

The political tension has marked the relationship between the two powers in the last two months, a situation that has been fueled since the death in prison of the octogenarian leader of the Shining Path, Abimael Guzmán, on September 11.

Right-wing congressmen attribute sympathy to the Castillo government with the Maoist group, which the president denies.

The Peruvian Congress had granted a vote of confidence to Bellido’s cabinet on August 27, allowing him to continue in office.

But the uncertainty about the cabinet has continued, affecting the economy (the dollar rose against the local currency -the sol-, and the stock market fell), after a five-year clash between the Executive and the Legislative, which led the country to have three presidents in November 2020.

Disputes between the new government and the opposition cost Foreign Minister Héctor Béjar, a former guerrilla fighter from the 1960s, his job just 19 days into the government.

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