Blau-Weiss Linz gets the finishing touches in Turkey

Blau-Weiss Linz gets the finishing touches in Turkey
Fally Mayulu begins his blue and white farewell tour in Turkey.
Image: GEPA pictures/ Armin Rauthner (GEPA pictures)

According to OÖN-Info, Mayulu is said to have already signed a long-term contract with Rapid from summer. “A change in winter is out of the question,” says sports director Tino Wawra. For Wawra, the Turkish Riviera is also about their own future: Neo-managing director Christoph Peschek will also be at the training camp from Wednesday and will also have one or two conversations with Wawra. His contract expires in the summer – Peschek has already announced that he intends to extend the cooperation soon.

Two friendlies in Turkey

Two friendlies are on the program for the second division team. The Royal Blues meet Polish second division club Rzeszow on Wednesday and Ukrainian first division club Kolos Kovalivka on Sunday. In addition to test player Lukas Brückler – the 22-year-old striker of the Salzburg regional league team Golling was already in the most recent preparatory games.

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