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From Amstetten to Weistrach: This is how the Mostviertel voted

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VP crash in the Lower Austrian neighboring communities of Steyr

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In short: The VP loses massively. The FP is growing strongly, the SP cannot benefit and is also one of the losers of the election Sunday.

In the municipality of Weistrach, the VP falls by almost 25 percentage points to 39.11 percent, the votes move almost 1:1 to the Freedom Party, which can increase by almost 21 percentage points and hold at 35 percent. Even more dramatic from the point of view of the Lower Austrian People’s Party, which has been used to success for so long, is the result in Behamberg, a neighboring municipality of Steyr: the VP approval melted to less than 33 percent, the party with the most votes in the state election was the FPÖ, which holds 34 percent. For comparison: In the 2018 election, the Blues were in the range of 15 percent.

Voter turnout yesterday, Sunday, was higher across the board than in 2018. In Behamberg, for example, it rose from 68 percent to almost 76 percent. It continues in the style of Weistrach and Behamberg: severe losses for the People’s Party, for example almost minus 18 percentage points in Haidershofen (33.05 percent) and a whopping plus for the FP, which follows very closely in second place and up in Haidershofen almost 31 percent comes. On the other hand, there was little movement among the Greens and Neos, tending to be a minus for the SPÖ.

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In Haag, the ambitious VP mayor Lukas Michlmayr also ran for the state parliament. A vote of no confidence in him, introduced by the mandataries of a citizens’ list, and drunk driving last fall are unlikely to have been of much help. Here, too, the ÖVP slipped below the much-cited forty percent mark, losing around 18 percentage points.

Amstetten is part of the state trend

St. Valentin was also repeatedly in the headlines in the final of the election campaign: whether as an important railway junction for the region or around the planned settlement of the American mail order giant Amazon. In contrast to the other municipalities mentioned here, St. Valentin has an SP mayor in Kerstin Suchan-Mayr. That hardly changes anything in the result. The SP loses more clearly than nationwide – by almost nine percentage points to 37.5 percent. The VP’s losses are more moderate at 6.5 percentage points. Here, too, the laughing third is FP with plus eleven percentage points.

The district capital of Amstetten was the closest to keeping up with the state trend: 29.4 percent for the VP (minus 11.80), closely followed by the FP (plus 11.75). Third place goes to the SP with 27 percent. (dmf)

Source: Nachrichten

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