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Franciscan Sisters are now giving impetus to peace

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Sr. Angelika: “Spread peace impulses.”
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A year ago, Russia launched a war of aggression against Ukraine. Since then, not a day has passed without this war being present in our everyday lives. The Franciscan nuns of Vöcklabruck therefore set an example and focus on peace during Lent.

“Peace can only happen when there is a common will for it. That means being willing to put one’s own opinions aside if necessary, put one’s own needs first, let others come first, listen well, take other perspectives,” says Sr Angelika Garstenauer, Superior General of the Franciscan Sisters. “I am convinced that peace is possible if there is a willingness to reflect.” She invites you to take part in the peace impulses. Short impulses sent by e-mail stimulate thought, with a postcard that is available as a print and online card, the food for thought can be spread further. You can subscribe to Peace Impulse at www.franziskanerinnen.at.

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