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Monday, March 27, 2023

Arbeleche affirmed that the government has the resources to alleviate the drought

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On the other hand, he highlighted the joint work being done with MGAP. “We are online all the time with the MGAP, we have the peace of mind that the necessary resources will be there. This is due to the good administration that the government has had,” Arbeleche established, referring to the measures taken by the portfolio.

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In that same sense, the minister highlighted the government’s fiscal results. “It had been a long time since fiscal targets were set and met,” she said. In addition, she remarked that there is a lot of confidence on the part of investors. “We must note that Uruguay has the highest credit rating in its history,” he recalled.

Controversy over tax cuts

In addition, he spoke about the criticism of the Broad Front on the reduction of the Tax on Personal Income (IRPF) and the Social Security Assistance Tax (IASS) that Luis Lacalle Pou will announce next Thursday, March 2 in Parliament. This Tuesday, Lacalle Pou received the minister at the residence of Suárez and Reyes, with the aim of adjusting details of the tax reduction.

“The Broad Front has criticized the handling of the pandemic, the vaccines, the LUC and now the tax reduction. It does not stop calling my attention,” the minister responded to the opposition sayings that they affirm that these reductions will only benefit the population with the highest income.

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Source: Ambito

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