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Pupils started project for earthquake victims

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“We’re thinking of you,” read a poster above the cake buffet organized by one class.
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Tarpaulins, ropes and blankets can be purchased with it and enable survival for a certain time. 40,000 liters of water can be provided for 30 euros.

With this knowledge, the students of the Technical Secondary School 1 in Grieskirchen used the last week of the semester for a wide variety of projects and worked out 1767 euros for the Red Cross Youth aid campaign and thus “the equivalent” of emergency accommodation for 54 families or 2.4 million liters of clean drinking water.

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Snack sales, donations from personal pocket money, muffin days and donation boxes are just a few examples of the spontaneous willingness to help. Work continued until the school news was distributed on Friday. The children have earned a “very good” for these activities.

Source: Nachrichten

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