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Own children beaten: Two fathers arrested in Vienna

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Image: VOLKER Weihbold
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The teenager was taken to a hospital. The other victim is a 22-year-old who also had to be taken to the hospital after an altercation with his father.

The student from Favoriten “confided in her teaching staff and said that the day before there had been a dispute between her and her father. In the course of this he had hit her with a cable, kicked her, pulled her hair, with a cigarette abused her hand, threatened to kill her and rape her,” police spokeswoman Barbara Gass said on Thursday. The girl’s mother and an uncle intervened to mediate. Only then did the father stop.

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However, the situation escalated again on Wednesday. Again the father hit the daughter with a charging cable. The suspect also threatened to kill the 14-year-old and her mother if they called the police. The girl fled the apartment and ran to school. The father was arrested at his residential address and given a ban on entering and approaching him and a temporary ban on weapons. During his interrogation, he admitted some of the allegations. He was taken to a detention center.

3.2 per mil

In the second case, officers from the Floridsdorf city police command arrested a 53-year-old on Wednesday evening after he is said to have injured one of the two in an argument with his sons, both 22. He pushed the 22-year-old against a wall and hit him. “The injured person received emergency medical care from the Vienna professional rescue service and was taken to a hospital,” said the police spokeswoman.

The accused also approached the emergency services, he threatened and wanted to punch them, Gass said. “Then he was provisionally arrested.” An alcohol test showed 3.2 per thousand. An entry and approach ban and a provisional ban on weapons were also issued against the 53-year-old.

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