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Arbeleche signed a tax exemption for a company run by her husband

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Of this total, 99.04% is “eligible investment” and the exemption, discussed due to an alleged conflict of interest, applies to declared investments promoted by the Commission for the Application of the Investment Law (Comap).

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Meanwhile, the firm committed itself to comply with the indicators of decentralization, clean technologies, research, development and innovation, and differentiation of products and processes.

What does the law say regarding the conflict of interest due to blood correlation?

Uruguayan law sanctions this type of situation. He Article 31 of Law 19,823 which establishes the “general interest of the code of ethics in public service”.

Said section of the norm expresses: “It is prohibited for public officials to exercise their function in relation to the activities or private entities to which they are linked professionally, at work or familiarly or through any other link from which a conflict between public and private interest may arise”.

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In addition, the rule adds: “The prohibition established in this article extends to all contracting of services or works carried out at the request of an Administration covered by this law, by international organizations or through the execution of projects by third parties.”

Source: Ambito

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