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The alert governs the United States for snowfall and flooding

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In the last few hours, in addition to the snowfall and strong windswhich caused gales in elevated and mountainous reliefsthe fall of a hail hard and solid, with frozen drops of ice from storms. The Californian authorities considered this storm the worst since the beginning of the millennium.

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Some road arteries were interrupted, such as segments of the Interstate Highway No. 5which crosses the United States from north to south and connects with Canada and Mexico.There is no estimated reopening date“, the authorities stated.

Furthermore, they noted that at least 1,000 canceled flights and thousands of others postponed. More of 140 thousand homes and businesses are without electricity are other consequences of the winter storm in the region.

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The alert extends to the Californian counties of Fortune, The Angels and Saint Barbara due to heavy rainfall, with forecasts of 2.5 centimeters of rain next weekend. “There is a great risk of flash flooding and landslides. You can expect heavy rain, flooding roads, hail and gusty winds. There is a possibility of seeing waterspouts and tornadoes,” the NWS said.

Another of the coastal states with the Pacific that reported snowfall was Oregonwhere record levels of snowfall were reached. Portlandthe most populous city in the district, had the second day of heaviest snowfall in its entire history, with 10.8 inches. In Wyoming The weather alert is still in effect, while part of its roads continue to be closed.

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