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The Poxrucker Sisters sang with their music middle school choir

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Not only vocally, but also colorfully present
Image: MMS
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For the first time, the upper school choir “Happy Voices”, consisting of 60 pupils, from the music middle school in Neufelden was able to get a taste of the big stage at the concert of the Poxrucker Sisters in the Centro. Together they sang the songs “I vasprich” and “D’Sun geht auf”. The young singers also supported the sisters with their hit “Sie” during the encore. “In the ‘Sie’ challenge, we were touched and inspired by the ‘Happy Voices’ from our former school. That’s why we chose them for this concert. All in all, the three of us attended the music school in Neufelden for 12 years. We learned most of what we present on stage there,” the sisters told the audience.

The 60 students were excited about the big stage. After the successful performance, pride in this special honor of being able to sing and dance with the most well-known graduates of “their school” prevailed. “We will never forget this performance!” was the unanimous opinion of the Neufelden Oberstufenchor.

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