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Invest in bank branches instead of closing them

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The newly designed Wels branch on the Ringstrasse was opened yesterday. The picture shows employees Medina Midzic and Daniel Windischbauer
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The Santander Consumer Bank has invested around 300,000 euros in its branch on Welser Ringstrasse, and the reopening was celebrated yesterday. The bank, which belongs to the Spanish banking group Santander, has been on the Austrian market since 2009. 470 people are now employed. Four of the 29 branches in Austria are in Upper Austria (Linz, Wels, Steyr, Vöcklabruck).

In Germany, the bank is mainly active in the consumer credit business, finances cars and motorcycles and works with around 1,800 partners from the vehicle trade (e.g. Volvo, Ford, Kia). According to Michael Schwaiger, Chief Commercial Officer at Santander, the volume in the vehicle financing business is 1.68 billion euros. Santander also works with 1,300 retail partners, including large furniture companies.

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2022 was the best year so far for the specialist bank. “2023 has also got off to a good start. We are there to make wishes, dreams and necessities affordable and affordable,” says Schwaiger.

The growth course in Austria will continue. “Wels is a very successful and important location for us,” says the native Bavarian. In times of online banking, he still considers personal advice in the branch to be necessary. However, savings products are only available online; Santander does not have current accounts.

Awareness expandable

The level of awareness of the bank in this country can be improved. According to a survey, six out of ten Austrians know Santander. This is also due to the fact that when it comes to car leasing, the major car brands offer their financing under their own name, but Santander is behind it.

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