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Linz Regional Court: Fewer visitors, but more knives were removed

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The regional court in Linz.
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Specifically, there were 1,279 pieces, in 2021 1,137 knives were cashed in at the incoming inspection. The frequency of seized drugs remained more or less constant in 2022 at 20 cases (2021: 22), the court took stock on Tuesday.

The safety of everyone in the building has the highest priority, emphasized Vice President Amalia Berger-Lehner in the press conference. Conscientious control therefore also means waiting times. “You can’t prevent annoyance from one or the other visitor,” added President Andre Starlinger.

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The fact that checks are not in vain is shown not least by the number of dangerous objects removed. In addition to the knives, there were 1,760 brass knuckles, stun guns, tools, scissors, glass bottles, syringes and needles, and 92 defense sprays. Two handguns were also taken away, but one of the visitors was an arms dealer who wanted to attend an auction in the regional court and voluntarily gave the gun he was carrying to the security personnel.

The executive also went to the regional court several times last year. Police support was requested for 24 negotiations, and 38 police operations resulted in security personnel being verbally abused or threatened. Three people were banned from the house. In one case, a visitor’s watch was stolen by a subsequent person at the entrance control.

A pilot project was started with JusHAK and JusHASCH in Linz in order to defuse the personnel situation in the law firm and support area in the entire court district. Interested students are offered a four-week internship during the summer holidays. The problem is that it is difficult to find suitable staff, said the court president. With the advertising for court jobs at the school with a focus on law, one hopes to remedy this. According to Starlinger, they are currently looking for twelve apprentices and clerks.

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