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The LASK leadership is in a shitstorm

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The admission prices for the new LASK Arena make the waves rise
Image: OÖN/Hörmandinger
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As requested by many football fans, single tickets for the LASK home game on March 12 in the new Raiffeisen Arena are now available. Sector 12 sold out in less than an hour. The rush for tickets is also great in the other approved sectors, although the prices (from 40 euros/child from 6 years old 20 euros) have dropped. Due to the previously practiced subscription policy – only ticket packages were sold instead of individual tickets – the LASK managers had little leeway when it came to pricing. If the single tickets had been sold at a “normal” price, many subscription customers would have been upset.

The back door, the purchase of individual tickets for the guest sector for 18 euros, has now been closed. Nevertheless, for the game against the series champion on March 12, many LASK fans are likely to have “seeped” into the spectator area reserved for the Red Bull Salzburg Annex. In any case, there was hardly any applause for LASK in various online forums for the sale of individual tickets. A strong shit storm is blowing against President Siegmund Gruber in particular.

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Here are some quotes:

  • If you saw the terrible game against Lustenau and then see these prices – you can only laugh more.
  • The fans are being fooled. Fabulous!!!
  • It’s a pity that a positive project will soon only be negative in people’s minds thanks to snootiness. Really sad.
  • Mr. Gruber manages to drive down the LASK in the new stadium. More arrogance and self-importance is no longer possible.
  • Now he can’t go back, he has to ask for so much now. Otherwise all double ticket buyers would be idiots. At these prices you only get your hut full against Salzburg! Dear Mr. Gruber, sometimes less is more. Earn less for the ticket publishers, but earn more in the catering trade!
  • The pricing for the new stadium (except ABO’s) was exaggerated from the start. Unfortunately, a football game is no longer affordable for many fans.
  • Now you have to protect the club (as an exception). It is clear that the single tickets are also sold for €50 if the combination tickets cost €100, otherwise the other people would have felt completely fooled. In addition, there are now at least single cards, so maybe the criticism from the fans has been taken to heart after all. Hopefully the next games will also be cheaper.
  • Honestly – with such enormous potential and such euphoria, you can screw everything up so completely, not even Reichel could have done it.

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