They revealed what the giant ball found on a beach in Japan was

They revealed what the giant ball found on a beach in Japan was

It is worth remembering that thousands of users launched different and the most varied hypotheses about what the giant ball found in the Enshuhama beach, located in the city of Hamamatsu.

Some were on the espionage side, while others went along with the idea that it was an old mine.

Likewise, the first conclusions showed that it was not a bomb, since it was hollow, and that it came from the ocean, since it had barnacles attached to the surface.

As expressed Hiroyuki Yagi, Hamamatsu Prefectural Office of Coastal and River Managementto the New York Times, indeed the mysterious object is a lost buoy.

Along the same lines and to add more information, he also expressed what the future of the ball will be. According to his testimony, “it will end up turned into garbage.”

According to what the local media reported as soon as the subject began to be discussed, this could indicate that it was an underwater mine. However, this idea was quickly discarded by the authorities, as soon as it was found that the object was hollow.

Source: Ambito

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