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The BROU received 1,193 complaints for scams during 2022

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In this sense, and although the preliminary figures indicated the existence of 1,200 cases until October of last year, finally the numbers of cyber-scams rose to 1,193, according to what was learned from a request for information from the deputy of Open Town Hall Álvaro Perrone.

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At the end of January, the president of the BROU, Salvador Ferrer, had recognized that the issue of cybersecurity was of great concern in the orbit of the bank. “There is a team at the bank permanently dedicated to these things,” she had pointed out. He also explained that “100% of cases” of this type are related to human failingssuch as providing a password or suffering from a computer virus, and are not related to “failures” of the bank’s computer system.

One of the ways in which the entity had alerted its clients was through an email that pretended to be an “electronic notification” for the user to “complete information required by the servers.” In turn, it asked to make these changes within a maximum period of 24 hours because, otherwise, “it would not be able to receive or carry out any transaction.”

During January, There were 41 complaints about fraud, and 41% of the total could be recovered.

The report delivered to Perrone

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According to a request for information that was answered to Álvaro Perrone, from the Ministry of Economy and Finance (MEF) They highlighted that several of the scams are related to the “weakness” of the computer equipment from which users carry out their transactions with the bank. In this sense, outdated antivirus, excessive permissions for the installation of packages and lack of frequent scans were used as an example.

In addition, it was warned that the “habits” of Internet use of users “allow” harmful programs to be downloaded and installed on their devices.

Along these lines, the report delivered to Perrone affirms that the bank has made “its best efforts” in different communication campaigns and that a special option was created through the 1896 telephone to attend victims.

Source: Ambito

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