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Most electric cars drive in Upper Austria

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21,746 electric cars are on the roads of Upper Austria.
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While there were still 799 e-cars at the end of 2015, their number has risen to 21,746 by the end of 2022. Our state has thus overtaken the previous leader, Lower Austria (21,665 e-cars). Vienna (17,805) and Styria (14,510) follow at some distance. The mobility club VCÖ announced these figures yesterday.

The VCÖ calculates that those who drive electrically are also much more climate-friendly on the road: In the overall balance, e-cars would cause 57 percent less CO2 than combustion engines. If you fill up with green electricity, it is even 73 percent less.

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But even with e-cars, CO2 emissions and energy consumption increase with size and weight: Those who do not buy overweight and overpowered models save a lot in electricity consumption as a result.

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