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31% of Uruguayans do not like anything about the management of Lacalle Pou

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In this sense, the study highlights the impact that the Astesiano case has had on Uruguayans in recent months. The corruption in general, and the scandal carried out by the former head of presidential security, in particular, are the aspect that the public has liked the least regarding the government’s management in the last year, concentrating 24% of the responses —at the same time of the growing perception of corruption as one of the country’s main problems—and consolidating a image weakness which began to be noticed in the second half of 2022, as the consultant points out.

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The Astesiano case had a strong impact on Uruguayan public opinion.

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Likewise, 19% considered that the Economic politics they are the main weak point of the Lacalle Pou government, with prices and income being the most important criticisms. Security management, reforms in education and in the social security system, and social policies are other issues with which the respondents expressed disagreement.

Regarding the aspects that have been most liked about multicolor management, there is no consolidated response or dimension that brings together opinions. In this way, among the outstanding aspects are economic management, the perception of transparency in management, policies and social support, educational reform, public works and security improvements.

It should be noted, in turn, that 31% of those surveyed did not highlight any aspect of management as positive.

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The positive aspects highlighted by the Uruguayans were varied.

The positive aspects highlighted by the Uruguayans were varied.

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The evolution of the image of Lacalle Pou

The survey carried out between February 15 and 24 also shows that 43% of the people consulted consider the management of Lacalle Pou with good eyes. Of this percentage, 11% consider it “very good”, and 32%, “good”. On the other hand, 29% have a negative perception of the government, a segment within which 16% consider that the management is “bad” and 13%, “very bad”. 27% of those surveyed do not see management as good or bad.

Although the positive gap for the president it is 14 points, there is mostly a image consolidation of the first president at levels similar to those of recent months, although well below the high records at the beginning of the administration.

The consultant that carried out the survey also points out that in the case of a mid-term situation —a historically weak moment for governments—, the data show a favorable balance compared to other governments after the democratic recovery.

On the other hand, the survey showed that the view of government management continues to be strongly segmented by electorate.

Source: Ambito

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