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the Siete de Oro beetle is toxic to bovines

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After the appearance of this insect and the death of sheep and cattle that had consumed alfalfa that was infested with the beetle, INIA decided to start an investigation to find out a little more because the information was not clear. Research on this insect dated from the 1970s by a scientific study conducted in South Africa.

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The INI concluded that, although the consumption of the beetle is toxic, it is not yet known What is the element that poisons animals?. On the other hand, they remarked that this implies that poisoning problems are being caused in bovines in all the fields since, according to the investigation, “No clinical signs or deaths were reported in 31 of the 32 farms in which this forage resource ( alfalfa) was infested and being consumed by animals, either by direct grazing or by administration as chop-cutting”. In addition, they detailed that the highest proportion of reported infestations, with 37%, occurred in alfalfa on the western and southern coasts of the country.

What recommendation does the INIA specify?

The institute clarified that the population of this insect decreased considerably compared to the month of January and that, in the event of a large population being perceived, they recommend “cutting and airing for 24 hours to allow the insect to dissipate before consumption.”

On the other hand, they suggest do not apply insecticides since the only ones that would work are the contact ones and, as soon as the insects perceive it, they will fly away and return in a few days. Also, it could be counterproductive for other insects that benefit the fields, such as bees.

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Source: Ambito

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