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a man crashed on the road and was saved by his iPhone

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When they came to the right placenear the rural town of Indiantown, officers found the overturned vehicle in the water and its driver, a 38-year-old man, immobilized and showing signs of hypothermia. The agents managed to remove the driver from the vehicle, who He was taken to a hospital, where he received treatment for minor injuries.

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The saving call came from a new technology on his cell phone, an iPhone 14. Apple’s latest model is capable of detect traffic accidents and send an audio message to emergency services with the coordinates of the accident, if the owner does not cancel that function in 20 seconds.

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“That man was alone, his car was submerged”, Officer Budensiek recounted, adding: “If that phone hadn’t made that call for him, there’s a good chance he wouldn’t have been located until dawn five hours later.”

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“Things would have happened to him without that call”, added the chief deputy sheriff, who recalled that hypothermia can be fatal. “AND we are in south florida so there are animals in those canals – there are alligators, snakes and different things that can be a hazard as well on top of what was already happening,” he said.

Source: Ambito

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