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the numbers presented by Lacalle Pou

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This total not only exceeds the investments of 2021 and 2020, with amounts of 535 million and almost 300 million dollars, respectively; it also exceeds the sum of the disbursements in this area of ​​the two previous years.

Routes and bridges, a government priority

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As expected, the high performance in the road infrastructure sector was one of the issues that Lacalle Pou put on the table to highlight the achievements of his management so far.

One of the outstanding data was the amount of bridges built and repaired: while it was planned to be 159, it was finally possible to reach 227 bridges.

Likewise, the plays routes 5, 6, 8 and 9 condense important investments by the government, which seeks to bring “efficiency and development for all”, and one of the goals for this year is to reach routes 14 and 15, transversal routes that do not necessarily arrive at Montevideo.

More employment and less informality

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Another aspect highlighted by the president, this time in labor matterwas that “the unemployment rate it is less than it was even before the pandemic.” Thus, he noted that between 2019 and today, there were 17,000 men and women who are no longer unemployed.

As for the levels of informality, specified that in 2019 it was 25%, and today 21%. “The answer is that Uruguayan workers felt that by being close to the regulations they were more protected at a time as fragile as the pandemic.”

Source: Ambito

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