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Drought continues to cause damage to the fruit and vegetable sector

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In this context, the family enterprise of pears and apples of the family green beiton He is one of the many that will be hit hard at the time of the harvest. In this case, they estimate that they will have rescued half the pear and barely 30% of the apple that they usually produce in the year.

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Also, the fruit caliber that manages to be saved will be less.

In this sense, in a normal year, the production of pears is 10,000 kilos, while that of apples is 100,000 kilos, both with important calibres. However, this year only 5,000 kilos of pears were achieved and 30,000 kilos of smaller apples are expected.

Drought damage to fruits

This is just one example of the damage that the drought is causing to farms. He water and heat stress persists, directly affecting production, and the first visible sign is the smaller size of fruits and vegetablesas well as details such as openings or marks in skins and shells.

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This can make the consumers do not choose the products affected visually —but not so in their nutritional quality and flavor—, for which reason the producers warned of the situation and asked that the different specimens also be purchased to, thus, contribute to a sector hard hit by the drought and the losses generated by it.

It is that, in addition to the loss in fruit to market, there was a significant plant mortality which, obviously, will stop producing and force the start of new plantations, with the costs of the case and also a problem: it is not an item in which it is planted and production is immediately achieved, for that several years must pass.

A direct consequence will be that many producers incorporate items that give a productive response in the short term, such as zucchini.

Source: Ambito

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