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Bloody deed in Grünburg: According to the autopsy, two out of three shots were fatal

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Bloody deed in Grünburg
Image: Fotokerschi.at
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Accordingly, the 43-year-old was hit by three shots, one in the hip and two in the chest area. According to a prosecutor’s spokeswoman, each of the two bullets in the upper body was fatal on its own. The suspect has been in custody since Monday evening. Investigations into suspected murder are ongoing.

How often the 37-year-old shot in total is still open, since the prosecutor’s forensics report is not yet available, said the spokeswoman for APA. According to the suspect, before the shots were fired at his ex-brother-in-law, he apparently shot two or three times at a glass element next to the front door.

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Before the magistrate, the accused once again stated that his sister’s children should not become like their narcissistic father. Since the divorce in 2017, the boy and girl have lived with their father, and the parents have shared custody. The arrested person had recently increasingly gained the impression that the relationship between the children and their mother was becoming more distant.

Source: Nachrichten

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