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He wanted to open the door in mid-flight and attacked a stewardess

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A subject tried to force the door of an airplane and, upon being detected by a flight attendant, attacked her with a broken spoon. It happened on a United Airlines flight.


A man with apparently lost mental faculties wanted to open the door of an airplane on a flight between Los Angeles and Bostonof the company United Airlineswas discovered by a flight attendant and attacked her with a broken spoon, for which he ended up in custody.

The subject, arrested at the Boston International Airport, as reported by the television network CNNwas identified by justice as Francisco Severo Torres33 years old and born in Loeminster, Mass..

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Now he faces a charge for use of dangerous weapon and attempted interference with crew members, and next Thursday he will be submitted to a hearing.

The flight crew detected, 45 minutes before landing in Bostonwhich had lit the alarm because a plane door had been disarmed. Upon inspection, a flight attendant saw that the metal access lock handle had been pushed in and an emergency slide activation lever had been disarmed.

The flight attendant notified the captain that she believed towers posed a threat to the aircraft and that the aircraft needed to be landed as soon as possible. But the man got up from his seat and hit one of the flight attendants with a broken metal spoon, hitting her with puncture wounds to the neck.

The attacker was accosted by other passengers on the flight until he was apprehended immediately after the flight landed. United Airlines announced that it banned towers fly on future flights after this incident.

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