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Unemployment for women is 1.2% higher than for men

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He Statistics National Institute (INE) prepared its Differential Report on the labor market, where it is verified that unemployment at the country level was estimated at a 8.5% in the month of January. In the differential according to sex, the indicator for men is below the global average with 8%, while women women they are above with 9.2%. In addition, there has been a stagnation since last December in their activity rate, which once again stood at 55.2%.

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Unemployment had a sharp rise of 0.6% for women in January then three months downwhile men without work have continued to increase since October last year, going from 6.9% to 8%, a rise of 1.1%, where only between December and January it was 0.7%.

Of the unemployed people, a 2.5% have completed tertiary or postgraduate studies, a 8.3% with completed secondary or incomplete tertiary studies, a 10.4% with complete basic cycle or complete upper secondary studies, and a 10.3% with incomplete basic cycle or less.

The overall activity rate stood in a 62.9%where men had a month-on-month increase of 0.3%, going from 70.9% to 71.2%, a rise that has been sustained since August 2022, when the last drop was recorded.

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Likewise, the national employment rate was located in a 57.5%where 65.5% of the men were employed, the same as 50.1% of women. This meant a month-on-month decline for both sexes compared to December 2022, of 0.2% in the case of men, and up to 0.3% for women.

Among employed citizens, those who have completed tertiary or postgraduate studies are 77.9%, those who have completed high school or incomplete tertiary studies are 65.8%, those who have completed basic cycle or completed upper secondary studies are 58 .5% and those who do not have the complete basic cycle or primary school, 43.2%.


Unemployment continues to be concentrated in young people between the ages of 14 and 24

Among the age groups, those who enjoy a higher level of activity are those in the 30 to 34 age range with 91.1%, those who are more employed are those in the 35 to 44 age range with the 85.6%, while unemployment is concentrated in the youngest between 14 to 24 years with 26.5%.


He I do not register it was 20.7% in men and 18.3% in women. The drop in the non-registration rate is 2.5% sustained since February 2022, in turn it is 1% since November 2022 in women. He percentage of underemployment it affected 6% of men and 8.6% of women, who recorded steep drops since November 2022 of 1.3% and 1.8%, respectively.

Source: Ambito

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