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Carinthia: Kaiser is strengthened in explorations

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Peter Kaiser asked the vote of confidence.
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The committee unanimously voted in confidence in Kaiser on Tuesday. After the state election, he spent a day thinking very hard about resigning, said Kaiser, who, with 38.9 percent, remained below the SPÖ’s self-set success rate of 40 percent. In the end, however, he came to the conclusion: “You don’t let a family down.”

In the Carinthian SPÖ, the result could now also be positive. After all, there is a large distance to the other parties. And the result was the second best in state elections since 1989, Kaiser said. You have a “very clear order to continue the fortunes of the country,” it said yesterday.

Probing starting today

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Kaiser’s team wants to have the first exploratory talks today with Erwin Angerer, the state chairman of the second-placed FPÖ. Tomorrow there will be a meeting with the VP team of Martin Gruber, the previous partner in the state government. Gruber also wants to “sound out content overlaps” with the FPÖ and Gerhard Köfer’s team in Carinthia.

Based on the signals from election Sunday and before that, a new red-black coalition is the most likely scenario. Theoretically, a two-party alliance between SPÖ and Team Kärnten would also be possible.

Kaiser named six weeks after the election as a loose date by when the possible new state government should be in place. Then the new state parliament should be constituted at the latest.

Source: Nachrichten

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