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After a rock fall: At least two houses will probably be demolished

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Two houses are likely to be demolished, the future of a third building is still unclear.
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After the bodies of the excavator drivers involved in the accident could be recovered on February 14, geologists and experts in torrent and avalanche control carried out an analysis of the conglomerate wall. The roadblock and the ban on entering the three houses remain in place.

It is now clear that the slope still poses a risk, according to the information for residents. In which area there is currently a threat still needs to be clarified by further investigations. “Solutions are being sought to help those affected. The city of Steyr and the federal government work closely together,” assured Mayor Markus Vogl (SPÖ).

Two houses will probably be demolished

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According to the magistrate, two houses would probably have to be replaced and demolished. The city will enter into negotiations with those affected. Whether a third building is permanently endangered has yet to be clarified. A few more months are needed for clarification. When the residents of the three blocked buildings can vacate their apartments will be determined in consultation with the experts. The water supply of a house is difficult because the pipe was destroyed. A recovery is currently not possible, but alternatives are being examined. If no new threat situation arises, the planned stone protection net for a house should be built.

Road can probably not be restored

A restoration of Rosenegger Straße is unlikely. A planned protective dam that could stop further rockfalls would not make it possible to preserve Rosenegger Strasse. A bike and footpath directly on the Himmlitzerbach is conceivable. How the upper walkway can be restored is not yet foreseeable. The city wanted to maintain the recreational value of the area, it was assured.

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